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Customer description:

Rain is the largest crypto assets platform in the MENA region with customers in over ten countries, and over one million customers.

Lightspark solution:

Using Lightspark infrastructure, Rain customers can use their wallets to send global, reliable real-time transactions with reduced fees on Lightning.

Lightspark's work has enabled rapid onboarding of enterprise-grade Lightning Network capabilities. In under 48 hours, we developed a functional prototype and launched it at a production scale within a week. Rain acknowledges Lightspark's exceptional architecture, both technically and in compliance. It strengthens our belief that Lightspark is driving the industry towards a fully decentralized, global financial system.

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Customer description

Xapo Bank is the world’s leading bank that combines traditional banking with crypto. It is at the forefront of innovative financial services, merging the security of a traditional credit institution with efficiencies of blockchain infrastructure to deliver unrivaled wealth protection to members.
Xapo was the first bank in the world to start offering Lightning Network payments and they chose Lightspark.

Lightspark solution

Xapo Bank used Lightspark services and tools to integrate with the Lightning Network, becoming the first bank in the world to allow members to pay for small purchases with bitcoin without having to convert to USD first. Members are able to make instant Bitcoin transactions of up to USD 100 at a low fees using their Xapo Bank app. This effectively helps them bypass the congestion and high fees associated with the main Bitcoin network.

At Xapo Bank, we are building the bank of the future. A fully licensed bank with bitcoin at its core and blockchain as its foundations. A bank that is comfortable with crypto and the people who use it. Lightspark has allowed us to innovate in a way that brings the best of Bitcoin innovation together with traditional finance. The whole team at Lightspark is exceptional and are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Seamus Rocca

CEO of Xapo Bank

Administering an account

  • There is no limit to the number of authorized users you can add to your account.

Making payments

  • Lightning payments can be made through the Send flow on the Lightspark dashboard or through the API/SDK.  Bitcoin L1 payments can be made through the Withdraw flow on the dashboard or API/SDK.

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