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Open Payments at the Speed of Light

Lightspark Powers Payments on the Lightning Network

Global. Fast. Secure. Reliable.

The Lightning Network will be the protocol for money on the Internet. It’s an open, low cost, interoperable payment network that settles in real time.

Lightspark is the easiest, most reliable, enterprise-grade gateway to Lightning, enabling money to move just like bits and bytes do on the Internet.

Now businesses can send and receive payments, build novel payment experiences and create new business models.

Our Solutions


The easiest, fastest way to connect to the Lightning Network to send and receive payments.


For capital efficient and reliable payments.

Wallet SDK

Empower your customers with their own non-custodial or custodial Lightning wallet, so they can seamlessly send and receive payments.

API and SDKs

Seamlessly integrate with your business and applications. Elevate your online transactions and redefine global commerce.

Lightspark Is


Send and receive your first payments on the Lightning Network in minutes.


With Lightspark Predict, payments on the Lightning Network have never been faster, more reliable or more capital efficient.


Powerful dashboards make it easy to monitor and analyze your transactions in real time.


Secure infrastructure for enterprise-grade payments.

Build new payment experiences for your business with Lightspark.

Built by Developers

For Developers

Lightspark is enterprise-ready. With our powerful API you can integrate our services in a few lines of code and allow instant bitcoin transactions in your digital wallet or application on the Lightning Network. 

We do the work for you. With the Lightspark SDKs, you can plug in and automate tasks - no need for deep expertise.

Our technology gives your business access to the shortest and best routes for low-cost, low-latency payments and available liquidity. 

Unique and best-in-class dashboards mean you have instant access to payments for your business. It’s easy to sign up and start transacting at scale, no matter where your customers are. 

SDKs give instant access to Lightspark solutions.
Our API helps you build the perfect solution for your business.
Dashboards track and manage your transactions.
Full test environment to learn and explore.
Secure systems keep your data safe.
Customer support available.

About the Lightning Network

The Internet has changed the world, but we’re still using antiquated systems for payments. Businesses and consumers are charged hidden and unnecessary fees for slow transactions and it gets much worse for cross-border payments.

The Lightning Network is a payment protocol built on Bitcoin - the original and most decentralized, secure, and robust blockchain. Lightning will be the protocol for payments on the Internet. An open, low cost, interoperable payment network that settles in real time, enabling money to move just like bits and bytes do on the Internet.  

Why Lightspark

Lightspark is the easiest, fastest, most reliable solution for companies to send and receive payments on Lightning.

Today, participants on Lightning experience high failure rates, slow transactions and are often unable to send and receive large amounts. Additionally, it’s technically challenging to connect to the network, continually monitor liquidity and execute payments.

Lightspark’s enterprise-grade infrastructure removes the complexity, making it easy to connect to Lightning and bringing you access to low-cost, instant payments at scale for your business.

We focus on this, so you can focus on your business.

Intuitive Design

Building the innovative payment experiences you need.

Enterprise Grade

Best-in-class reliable software to seamlessly integrate your business.

Secure, Compliant and Private

Network connections are optimized for performance.

Customer Support

We’re with you every step of the way.

Lightspark tools and services give your business access to the Lightning Network.