Charging up the Lightning Network
Exploring the factors that must be addressed for the Lightning Network to reach its potential, and how Lightspark is working towards overcoming these barriers to adoption
Kevin Hurley, Chief Technology Officer
Harnessing The Power Of Prediction To Scale Lightning
Exploring how better measurement, applied economics and AI can improve how participants experience the Lightning Network.
Christian Catalini, Chief Strategy Officer
The Hidden Breakthrough Behind Bitcoin
Bitcoin represents not only a significant breakthrough in the domain of distributed systems and cryptography but also a revolution in market design.
Christian Catalini, Chief Strategy Officer
Why Cryptoassets Are Not Securities
Are cryptoassets securities under U.S. federal securities laws?
Jai Massari, Chief Legal Officer
The Future of Finance: How Open Networks Can Revolutionize Financial Services
James Everingham, SVP, Engineering

Lightning Network

What Is The Lightning Network, And Why Is It Important?
The Lightning Network is a network of computers that lets people transfer their bitcoin more quickly, and with much lower fees.
What Does The Lightning Network Do?
The Lightning Network has the potential to improve the usability and scalability of Bitcoin.
How Is the Lightning Network Transforming How People Use Bitcoin?
The Lightning Network solves the problem of limited bitcoin throughput on the blockchain and drastically reduces transaction fees for small payments.
What Are Lightning Payments?
Lightning payments allow for near-instant and low-cost transfers of bitcoin between parties.
Bitcoin Lightning Network Whitepaper
Who can use the Lightning Network?
Businesses of all sizes can access near-instant, open payments.
Explaining Lightning Nodes
The Lightning Network is made up of nodes, with channels linking those nodes. Read on for more information.
What Is A Lightning Network Invoice?
A Lightning Network invoice is a payment request used in the Lightning Network to facilitate faster, cheaper, and more scalable transactions.
What Is A Lightning Network Channel?
A Lightning Network channel is a two-way connection between two parties that enables them to exchange funds.


What Is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on a peer-to-peer network.
Bitcoin Whitepaper
Who Owns Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is entirely independent of any one person or organization.
Seven Things To Know About Bitcoin Mining
Fast Facts About Bitcoin Mining
What Is Bitcoin Mining?
A Short Explanation About Bitcoin Mining
What Determines The Value Of Bitcoin?
With Bitcoin, value is derived from properties and incentives built into the protocol.


Basic Facts To Know About Blockchain
Blockchain technology is a powerful tool that has the potential to change the way we do business, make payments and interact with each other. Here are some basic facts.