Lightning Network

Learn more about the Lightning Network and Lightning Payments
What Is The Lightning Network, And Why Is It Important?
The Lightning Network is a network of computers that lets people transfer their bitcoin more quickly, and with much lower fees.
What Is A Lightning Network Channel?
A Lightning Network channel is a two-way connection between two parties that enables them to exchange funds.
What Does The Lightning Network Do?
The Lightning Network has the potential to improve the usability and scalability of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Lightning Network Whitepaper
What Is A Lightning Network Invoice?
A Lightning Network invoice is a payment request used in the Lightning Network to facilitate faster, cheaper, and more scalable transactions.
What Are Lightning Payments?
Lightning payments allow for near-instant and low-cost transfers of bitcoin between parties.
Who can use the Lightning Network?
Businesses of all sizes can access near-instant, open payments.
How to make payments on Lightning?
The Lightning Network is a network of payment channels that allow users to make transactions without having to record them on the Bitcoin blockchain.
An Introduction to The Lightning Network
The Lightning Network is an open-source, layer 2 software protocol that runs on top of the Bitcoin network (the layer 1) and enables near-instant, low-cost payments with the same benefits in network security as the Bitcoin network and wide-scale adoption of bitcoin as an asset.
How secure is the Lightning Network?
The Lightning Network has implemented various security features to address concerns regarding privacy, routing attacks, channel breaches, and denial-of-service attacks.
Explaining Lightning Nodes
The Lightning Network is made up of nodes, with channels linking those nodes. Read on for more information.