Insights from the Lightspark Team
The Future of Finance: How Open Networks Can Revolutionize Financial Services
James Everingham, SVP, Engineering
The Hidden Breakthrough Behind Bitcoin
Bitcoin represents not only a significant breakthrough in the domain of distributed systems and cryptography but also a revolution in market design.
Christian Catalini, Chief Strategy Officer
Why Lightspark is Building on Lightning
In today's interconnected world, the need for a seamless and universally accessible payment system has become increasingly apparent. Our conviction is that the way to do this is through the Lightning Network - a layer 2, open protocol on top of Bitcoin.
Kevin Hurley, Chief Technology Officer
Harnessing The Power Of Prediction To Scale Lightning
Exploring how better measurement, applied economics and AI can improve how participants experience the Lightning Network.
Christian Catalini, Chief Strategy Officer
Charging up the Lightning Network
Exploring the factors that must be addressed for the Lightning Network to reach its potential, and how Lightspark is working towards overcoming these barriers to adoption
Kevin Hurley, Chief Technology Officer
Designing Simpler Lightning Payments
The process of taking something as complex as Lightning and making it feel simple is a challenging endeavor. It’s not just about designing a good interface, it’s about designing a good system—and that’s as much (or more) about engineering than it is about interface design.
Geoff Teehan, Chief Design Officer