Delivering More For Developers

Nov 30, 2023

Delivering More For Developers

Over the last few months, our team at Lightspark has been hard at work building tools and services for developers. We’re super excited to share a couple of new developments for all developers.

New Developer-Centric Pricing

Since launch, we’ve onboarded many larger companies on our technology stack. Monthly fees weren’t an issue for these businesses as their transaction volume is significant. However, we heard from some developers that, as they explored different ideas to find product market fit, a monthly fee added complexity, especially in the early stages of development. 

So, developers, we heard you!  From today, we’re introducing a new Starter tier - one with no monthly fee for our cheapest service offering. Now, the costs incurred for developers on this tier will only be based on actual transaction volume. This will enable many earlier-stage developers to come and build on the best Lightning stack on the market, embed the Universal Money Address open standard in upcoming apps, and much more. 

Updated and More Accessible Dev Docs

We also have brand new Lightspark developer docs. We rebuilt the docs from the ground up to load faster than ever. The content has been simplified, the design is cleaner for easier reading, and we’ve updated the navigation to streamline using the docs. Our docs now have search enabled and are AI-powered to make finding answers to your questions easier - all you have to do is ask natural language questions and we’ll take you to the answer! Check the docs out here.

Developers are already building great apps and products using Lightspark, as well as offering UMA to their customers. It’s so exciting to see this progress. We’re focused on building a fantastic developer experience using Lightspark - and welcome all your feedback. Join the conversation here.