Introducing the New Lightspark Playground Mode For UMA

Feb 06, 2024

We're excited to announce a new Lightspark Playground mode on Replit! We’re always working to make our Lightspark SDKs more accessible and easier to understand so developers can explore, build, and experiment. Today, we’re introducing a Lightspark Playground for UMA. Designed for wallet, exchange, and neo-bank developers to test cross-border payments and experience with sending/receiving payments in multiple fiat currencies using UMA before they take those features live for their customers. 

Universal Money Addresses Explained

UMA addresses enable near-instant, secure, and open payments in any currency.  UMA extends the capabilities of LNURL and Lightning Addresses to add messaging support for compliance and fiat currency FX. These additional features, combined with the Lightning Network's near real-time settlement capabilities and the global liquidity profile of Bitcoin, will enable people worldwide to send and receive money at low cost.  UMA is open source and available for all developers, businesses, and individuals.

Getting Started

To use this new Playground, visit the Lightspark demo on Replit. The Playground will walk you through setting up an account for test transactions, allowing you to explore UMA before integrating it into your applications.

You can fork it, modify the code, and run it from the browser. And for developers who want to easily implement UMA (in typescript), you can copy much of the code.  It showcases an end-to-end UMA implementation on Lightspark’s sandbox environment, enabling you to create an UMA address and send and receive sandbox cross-currency payments.  You don’t need to use Lightspark to interact with the Lightning network, but we do significantly simplify the process. 

This is the very first version of the Playground, and we intend to continue making tools more useful for developers. So, please share your feedback as you dive in - we want to hear from you on how we can continue improving.

Explore Now

To start testing this new demo with UMAs, visit Lightspark’s Replit Page.

Find out more about UMA

Comprehensive documentation is available here.