Lightspark Now on Replit

Sep 27, 2023

Developers - we’ve got news for you! 

We’re excited to share that we’ve unveiled our very first product demo on Replit. Starting today, developers can use the Replit playground to experience the core functionality of the Lightspark Wallet SDK, and see how it all works behind the scenes.

The demo will walk you through connecting your Lightspark account to Replit and guides you through setting up your Lightspark account to work with the Lightspark Wallet SDK. Then, you can jump right into creating wallets, adding test funds, and sending payments with a few clicks, just like you would on the Lightning Network, while also gaining behind-the-scenes insight into the implementation. 

Replit allows you to see all of the code that the demo consists of, and you can even fork it to work on your own custom application that runs without you needing to download or install any code on your computer. Just hit the run button, and that’s it; you can get started sending test Lightning payments on Lightspark infrastructure in less than a minute!

This is just the beginning of our initiative to improve our developer experience. Lightning payments are complex, and it’s our job to make them easier to work with. We want to empower developers to hit the ground running with Lightning on Lightspark, and we can’t wait to see how developers use this demo.

Ready to jump in? Click here to explore. If not, check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to get Replit set up below.

Lightspark’s Wallet SDK

As a reminder, the Lightspark Wallet SDK is the ultimate tool for powering non-custodial and custodial Lightning wallets. Businesses and platforms can effortlessly offer their customers world-class, interoperable Lightning wallets to execute payments swiftly and securely. Tailored for seamless adoption, we’ve also made it simple to embed the Wallet SDK  directly into your app and add your unique UI and brand identity.   The Lightspark Wallet SDK handles the complexity of Lightning payments so that businesses can focus on building amazing experiences for their customers.

Developer Tools

We want to make integration with Lightspark easy, fast and simple. Our SDKs are open-source and are built in multiple languages. We have public examples and demos in github in the same repo as the corresponding SDK.  We also have other demos on our website, including on sharing how streaming money can work.

At Lightspark we think payments should move like bits and bytes do on the Internet and be open, secure and instant. This is another step forward to make building payments experiences more accessible for developers around the world!