Lightspark Partners with Xapo Bank

Mar 02, 2023

Today, we’re excited to share that Xapo Bank, a leading Bitcoin custodian and licensed private bank, is using Lightspark to offer Lightning based Bitcoin payments.  Over the last few months, as one of our closed beta partners, we’ve been partnering with the Xapo Bank team and we’re delighted to see this integration go live.  Xapo Bank is the first bank in the world to integrate with the Lightning network and their customers will now be able to pay for small purchases and benefit from fast, secure and low cost Bitcoin transactions. 

At Lightspark, we have long believed that an open protocol for money on the internet is badly needed and inevitable. We believe that open networks that empower customers to address their needs will likely have an advantage over closed networks in the long term. Additionally, we have a conviction that any successful protocol for value must be open, interoperable, scalable, cheap, and needs to settle in near real time. The team at Lightspark has been hard at work building an enterprise-grade entry point to Lightning and today we are seeing this come to life.  Read more here about this exciting development.

We’re still in our closed beta but will share more very soon.  Onwards!