Announcing the Lightspark Wallet SDK

May 18, 2023

Today we’re thrilled to unveil the Lightspark Wallet SDK - the ultimate tool for powering your non-custodial and custodial Lightning wallets. Now businesses and platforms can effortlessly offer their customers a world-class, interoperable Lightning wallet to execute payments swiftly and securely.

When we announced the Lightspark Platform a few weeks ago, we shared our goal to make the Lightning Network more accessible and to take Lightning payments mainstream. At Lightspark we think payments should move like bits and bytes do on the Internet and be open, secure and instant. 

The Lightspark Wallet SDK is an important step forward in helping all businesses get started with Lightning payments. 

In building the Lightspark Wallet SDK we’ve thought carefully about what businesses need and listened to feedback from our customers. Irrespective of the size or stage of your business, we've tailored the Lightspark Wallet SDK for seamless adoption. Integration is easy with only a light internal lift needed. It’s also fast - it takes as little as 48 hours for a business to be live with payment solutions for their customers. We’ve also made it simple to embed it directly into your app and add your unique UI and brand identity.  

The Lightspark Wallet SDK handles the complexity of Lightning payments, so that businesses can focus on building amazing experiences. You won’t need to worry about setting up channels, rebalancing liquidity and more.

The Lightspark Wallet SDK also takes advantage of Lightspark Predict so Lightning payments are reliable and capital efficient.  Lightspark Predict is designed to ensure low latency, high payment success rates and low costs. You will enjoy better connectivity to the rest of the Lightning Network, giving you more reliability and certainty when sending and receiving Lightning payments. 

Lightspark is the first enterprise-grade solution for Lightning transactions at scale. The Lightspark Wallet SDK extends the Lightspark suite of services and tools that work with each other to provide Lightning payment solutions for businesses. We’re excited to enable our customers to be part of the Lightning opportunity and we can’t wait to see what new business models are developed. Read our documentation here: