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“Flexa's experience working with the Lightspark team has been exceptional. The Lightspark team's commitment to excellence, timely support, and willingness to accommodate Flexa's specific needs have made them an invaluable partner. Flexa appreciates Lightspark's shared vision of modernizing commerce and looks forward to continued collaboration.”


Flexa, a leading omni-channel payments platform, partnered with Lightspark to enhance merchant experience and revolutionize digital currency payments.

About Flexa

Flexa is on a mission to help sellers thrive in the next era of commerce. Recognizing the immense potential of Bitcoin and distributed ledger technologies, Flexa believes Bitcoin and Lightning offer a significant improvement over the existing financial infrastructure of traditional payments. Flexa’s omni-channel payments platform enables merchants of all sizes to accept digital currencies seamlessly, allowing them to embrace the future of commerce.

Flexa’s partnership with Lightspark enables Lightning payments for its merchant integrations


Before integrating with Lightspark, Flexa faced several challenges in delivering its own Lightning payments infrastructure. Reliability and consistency were crucial for the merchant experience, and while the Lightning Network offered a powerful solution for scaling Bitcoin, reachability remained a significant hurdle. Payment failures on Flexa’s own Nodes and increasing demand necessitated a reliable and efficient solution.


With a longstanding relationship and a deep understanding of Lightspark's stability and product quality, Flexa integrated Connect SDK and Predict to offer the perfect combination of reliability, scalability, and advanced insights.

The benefits experienced by Flexa and its customers: 

  1. Increased Payment Success Rate
    With Lightspark's advanced insights and predictive capabilities, Flexa has witnessed a significant increase in the success rate of Lightning Network transactions. Boosting confidence in merchants and customers, ensuring seamless and reliable payment experiences.
  2. Cost and Time Savings
    By leveraging Lightspark's solutions, Flexa has achieved notable cost savings through decreased fees associated with payment failures. The streamlined integration process and ongoing Lightspark team support have saved Flexa's development team valuable time. 
  3. Enhanced Operational Efficiency
    The integration of Lightspark solutions has allowed Flexa to focus on other high-leverage areas of its business, knowing that the underlying payment infrastructure is robust and reliable. Enhanced operational efficiency has led to increased profitability for Flexa.

Outcomes from Flexa’s partnership with Lightspark


Adopting Lightspark solutions has had a transformative impact on Flexa's services and customers. As the demand for digital currency payments continues to grow, Flexa can rely on Lightspark's stack to ensure the success and scalability of its platform. The simplicity of maintaining a node without the complexities of opening and closing payment channels, coupled with the AI-powered insights of Lightspark Predict, has provided Flexa with unparalleled trust and certainty in its payment processes.


Flexa's partnership with Lightspark has empowered them to overcome their payment challenges and deliver exceptional digital currency payment experiences to their merchants and customers. By leveraging Lightspark's Connect SDK and Predict, Flexa has achieved increased payment success rates, cost savings, and operational efficiency. Lightspark is proud to support Flexa in its mission to revolutionize the world of commerce and looks forward to continued success together.

Start integrating Lightspark’s services and tools today

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