Lightspark Products

Enterprise grade Lightning and payments

Universal Money Address

Give your customers UMA using Lightspark’s end-to-end technology stack. Create new business models and revenue streams using your existing infrastructure.

Industry-leading UMA integration and support for your business


Instantly connect to the Lightning Network. The Lightspark Connect solution takes the hard work out of using Lightning.

Our enterprise-grade infrastructure makes it reliable and easy to send and receive bitcoin payments. It’s the quickest and most cost-effective way to move bitcoin on Lightning.

The easiest, fastest, most reliable way to send and receive bitcoin on the Lightning Network.


A one-stop solution for capital efficient and reliable payments. Lightspark Predict enables lightning-fast transactions with automated flows that maximize node conductivity using ground-breaking smart routing.

Lightspark discovers the best-performing nodes and predicts their ability to successfully route transactions. Our infrastructure is up to 15 times more capital efficient than alternatives, allowing businesses to focus on growth and pass on savings to customers.

Lightspark customers become leading Lightning Network participants - continually benefiting from improvements in our conductivity and smart routing capabilities.

One-stop solution for capital efficient and highly reliable payments.

Wallet SDK

Effortlessly offer your customers a world-class, interoperable, non-custodial or custodial Lightning wallet to execute payments swiftly and securely.

Irrespective of the size or scale of your business. Integration is fast and easy. We've built the Wallet SDK for seamless adoption and with all the tools you need to customize your unique UI and add your brand identity.

Provide customers with interoperable wallets suited to their needs


With the Lightspark API and server-side SDKs, you can seamlessly integrate Lightspark’s services in minutes. It’s the perfect way to provide bitcoin payments in your product. You can automate payments for your business, use our webhooks and get notified in real-time of any changes or payments. Let Lightspark manage all the complexity.

Seamlessly integrate Lightspark SDK solutions for your business.