Build payments on Lightning.
Without complexity.

Start integrating Lightspark’s services and tools now.

Universal Money Addresses

Give your customers UMAs with Lightspark’s end-to-end technology stack. Create new business models and revenue streams using your existing infrastructure.

Connect SDK

Use our SDK to connect to the Lightning Network instantly. Our enterprise-grade infrastructure makes sending and receiving payments reliable and easy.

It’s the quickest and most cost-effective way to move value on Lightning.

You can automate payments for your business, use our webhooks, and get notified in real-time of any changes or payments. Let Lightspark manage all the complexity.


A new way to experience global payments - fast, low-cost, and reliable money transfers, anytime, anywhere.

Powered by AI, our smart engine ensures seamless 24/7 transactions all whilst maximizing your capital efficiency.

Optimize your payments - get the best routing and execution for every transaction, driving down costs and boosting efficiency.

Build Novel Payments Experiences

Streamline cross-border payments and lower your foreign transaction fee costs.
Provide amazing customer service experiences with features like instant refunds.
Design real-time revenue sharing arrangements for product referrals.
Support new business models around small payments, from tipping to the real-time streaming of money.
Optimize business-to-business transactions by paying your vendors and suppliers in real-time for their services wherever they are in the world.
Offer your customers time-based access to digital content, apps, and games - for example, insert $0.10 for 30 minutes of access.

Start building today.