Let customers send and receive money at low-cost, in any currency 24/7.

Our end-to-end, enterprise-grade solution for UMA unlocks global payments for your customers.

Like email, but for money.

Give your customers UMAs, and build new payments experiences.

Lightspark for UMA

Lightspark offers an easy to implement enterprise-grade solution, enabling a best-in-class Lightning implementation and full support of the UMA standard for your entire customer base.

How it works

Extending LNURL, the UMA standard adds support for compliance and fiat currency FX.

How it works

Extending LNURL, the UMA standard adds support for compliance and fiat currency FX.
The sending institution validates the receiver’s address.
UMA comminicates preferred currencies, exchange rates, and compliance requirements to pre-clear the payment.
Lightspark Predict finds the fastest and lowest-cost route.
The sender enters an amount in their preferred currency. The payment is converted to BTC and sent over Lightning.
BTC is reconverted to the preferred currency by the receiving institution.

Features and benefits

Lightspark’s services, using the UMA standard, offer an end-to-end solution for developers and enterprises to easily enable customers to send and receive payments.
  • Integrate Instant, Low-Cost Payments

    Use our fully documented SDKs to offer your customers instant, low-cost payments over the Lightning Network.

  • High Performance Lightning

    Lightspark delivers fast, capital-efficient payments at any volume with enterprise-grade access to the UMA standard.

  • Payments in any Currency

    With Lightspark Connect and UMA, Lightning-enabled wallets can coordinate payments for their customers in any supported currency.

  • Secure and Compliant

    Through UMA, Lightspark's solution supports a full range of compliance messaging for anti-money laundering, sanctions reviews, and travel rule purposes.

Example payment flow

Here’s what a cross-border transaction consumer experience could look like.

Get the very best of Lightning and UMA with Lightspark

Lightspark combines all the capabilities of UMA with enterprise-grade Lightning, giving you a best-in-class UMA experience, easy integration through our SDKs, and dedicated technical support. 

Easy-to-integrate SDKs

Best-in-class solutions for UMA get you going fast on your technical integration.

Technical account managers

Access our designated technical account managers who can work directly with your engineers.

Payments Experts

Rapidly implement UI/UX, compliance, and security best practices when integrating with Lightspark. We will also work with you on incentive and go-to-market programs for network activation.

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